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Trust in Love

By Madelyn Vida

MON MAY 25, 2020

My D passed 1 year and 5 months ago. Friends and family said that I need to grieve for her loss. What does that mean? What does grieving mean? To miss her? To isolate myself? I don't get it. What does it mean that it was to soon for me to try to find love again? Is there a timeline for grief?

What I know is that it felt the earth swallowed me. Someone punched me right on the stomach and took my breathe away. I needed an anchor in my life fast for if not I was afraid that I will fall right in the dark hole. If I didn't hold unto something my world was going to spiral.

Through the 1 year and 5 months my anchor continues to love fully, vulnerability, compassion, breathe...

To TRUST, I know how to love

To TRUST, I know how to care

To TRUST, that I am able to give

To TRUST, that I matter

To TRUST, my own strength and courage

To TRUST, in the journey

GRIEF, grieving is the pause needed to TRUST in MYSELF again.